What Does the Latest COVID-19 Vaccine News Mean for Travel?

The news about a successful Covid-19 vaccine traveled around the world in the past several days, saying that it will be effective in 90% of the cases. While this certainly makes us optimistic, what does it mean for traveling in the near future?

A new vaccine that’s been developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is apparently effective in 90% of people who got it, and it’s already been tested on over 43,000 people in six countries. Until now, no safety issues have been noticed. Nine out of 10 people who got the vaccine developed immunity against Covid-19.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that traveling will be back to normal within weeks or months. The vaccine still needs to be approved and get a license and the first millions of doses will be given to high-risk groups such as health workers and the elderly.

It may be possible for life to return to normal at some point in 2021, but we need to be patient and see how everything will develop. For now, make sure you and your family are staying safe because this promising news isn’t enough to fight the current pandemic wave.