3 Unusual Buildings Around the World

There are many unique buildings on this planet. Some are inspirational while others are more on the bizarre side, but what they all have in common is that it’s impossible not to notice them. Here are three of the most unusual buildings we’ve seen.

Wat Samphran – Thailand

It may not look like it, but Wat Samphran is a Buddhist temple. It’s 17-stories tall and cylindrical and if you’re still unsure where to look, note that it’s wrapped in a huge dragon sculpture. There’s so little information about the building that nobody’s sure when and who built it.

Stone House – Portugal

Portuguese engineer Guimarães built this vacation home in the Fãfe mountains region. The walls and ceiling are made from huge stones and some other materials he used include wood, glass, and metal.

Basket Building- United States

The Longaberger Company produces maple wood baskets and other products, so it was only natural for their building to be shaped like one of their baskets, right? There’s a glass ceiling on the top so there’s plenty of natural light.