Chase These Waterfalls in Zambia

Zambia is known for its many national parks, and of course, Victoria Falls. While Victoria Falls is magnificent and a must-see there are a number of smaller waterfalls that you should also check out. These are found all over the country, with some of the finest ones found in Northern Province along the border with Tanzania. Here are three you should definitely road trip or bus out to. 

Kalambo Falls – Mbala, Northern Province

Found on the border with Tanzania, Kalambo Falls is 235 meters from top to bottom. The water comes from Lake Tanganyika and is a single drop. It’s one of the tallest waterfalls on the continent of Africa. To get to the waterfall, you will have to bus or drive to the town of Mbala. You can also cross into Tanzania from here. 

Ntumbachushi Falls – Ngona River, Luapula Province

These two falls are created from the Ngona River, before splitting in to two streams. The cascades are roughly 30 meters and they span about 100 meters. This is the perfect place for a photo-op.

Lumangwe Falls – Kalungwishi River, Northern Province

These are considered to be the miniature version of the mighty Victoria Falls, but are still impressive in their own right. They span 160 meters, and drop down 40 meters.