Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

Europe has some of the most beautiful mountains and mountain towns that look especially amazing during winter. Winter is the season when they turn into fairytale-like places and here are some of our favorites. What’s your favorite small town in Europe that turns into a magical place during winter?

Salzburg, Austria

The birthplace of the famous composer Mozart is perfect for beginning this list. Salzburg is located in northwest Austria and it represents a perfect mix of city culture and rural Alpine lifestyle.

Hallstatt, Austria

It’s not surprising that another Austrian city is on the list. Hallstatt is a town that sits by the Hallstatt lake and offers many fun activities for visitors. From the Skywalk Hallstatt platform that provides the magnificent view to the salt lake and tour of the salt mines, it will give you a different perspective on life.

Alesund, Norway

Alesund is a picturesque town in Norway that looks like a perfect vacation destination. Surrounded by fjords and many other examples of natural beauty, the place is perfect for relaxing and watching the northern lights during a cold winter night.