Visit One of These Lantern Festivals to Feel Like You’re in a Fairytale

Rise Lantern Festival, Nevada, United States
Rise Lantern Festival, Nevada, United States. Photo by Jenny Le on Unsplash

If you’ve seen the movie Tangled, the chances are that you remember the scene with the floating lights. It’s so magical that we’ve always wanted to experience it in real life and luckily, it’s not just a fairy tale. 

These lantern festivals really do happen all over the world, and depending on the location, they celebrate very different things. Some are cultural or religious celebrations, while some celebrate the snow. Here are some of the most beautiful ones you should consider making a journey to.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

Yi Peng is a festival celebrated in Northern Thailand on the full moon of the Lanna culture’s lunar calendar. All across the region, you’ll see thousands of lanterns floating into the sky and floating flowers on the Ping River. Chiang Mai is the best place to experience the magic of this festival.

RiSE Lantern Festival, Nevada, United States

Deep in the Mojave Desert each year, locals and visitors alike travel to experience the magical atmosphere. The event celebrates individuality and music with of tens of thousands of lanterns being released into the night sky above Las Vegas that each visitor can write their own message on.

Tsunan Snow Festival, Japan

With some of the heaviest snowfall in the world, the inhabitants of Tsunan, Japan created a festival in 1974 to honor and celebrate the snow. Every year you can try outdoor activities like snow biking, watching fire-breathers, and of course, launching thousands of lanterns into the night sky.