Visit Bon Temps Cafe in Saskatoon, Canada

Image by Sarath SunilDutt/Pexels

There are more than 3,000 kilometers between Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, Canada and New Orleans in Louisiana, USA. But if you’re visiting the Canadian city and fancy some Creole food, you might want to pop into the Bon Temps Cafe.

One of the best things about Bon Temps Cafe is the atmosphere, we’d wager it’s simply the coolest spot in town. The place has live music with local bands playing Jazz and Blues and even some Bluegrass.

Even though it’s officially a cafe, Bon Temps prides itself on the bar, and particularly their bourbon and the cocktails bar staff make and offer the diners. They’ve signature drinks, like the Bourbon Milk Punch, which contains vanilla, cream, and spice, and House Shots including Oyster, which has horseradish and hot sauce and is served with an oyster.

Alongside these special cocktails is a long list of classic cocktails, wines, and beers, both domestic and international.

Last but not least is the creole/cajun cuisine. The food is home-style, including a New Orleans Spicy Cajun Seafood Boil. The boil’s recipe depends on the availability of the ingredients, so you know it’s also fresh. They sell the food in “packages” that include gumbo and jambalaya, two Louisiana flavors favorites.