Vegans Can Relax in These Plant-Based Friendly Cities

If you live a plant-based life and you want to travel to somewhere that suits your lifestyle, it’s totally understandable! Check out these amazing cities for incredible vegan bites that will leave you oh so satisfied.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is actually one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, so you know there will be a ton of options for you. Not only will there by cuisines that typically run vegan, like Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian, but there are also a ton of vegan specific restaurants throughout the city.

Tel Aviv, Israel

This country might be controversial, but overall it has more vegans per capita than any other place on earth! Over 400,000 Israelis are vegan, and since Tel Aviv is the major secular city of the country, a lot of them are there. Tel Aviv has amazing vegan only restaurants that will change your perception of vegan food, but also there are tons of street food options like falafel and sabich (without the egg) that are totally delicious.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has always been an edgy place, so it’s no surprise that their vegan scene is super cool and grungy. There are over 60 vegan restaurants currently within Berlin, and each year more and more are opening all over the city.