Check It Out: Kamia Bay Island Resort, Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is bursting with natural beauty and El Nido and Coron are becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Subsequently, many stop by Puerta Princessa for the night on their way to El Nido, though they rarely stay for more than a day.

Little do they know that a forty-minute bus ride from the town center is Aisa’s largest inflatable water park. Getting to the park costs just 60 pesos (about $1.30) and once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

There are multiple packages available but we recommend the 799 pesos package which includes the water park, eco-trail, and unlimited buffet. The food is excellent and in terms of value, the package is amazing.

Best of all though is the giant inflatable park which is the closest most of us will get to Total Wipeout. Bounce your way through inflatable obstacle courses before throwing yourself down Asia’s biggest inflatable slide. You’ll likely spend most of your time in the park laughing at your friend as they slip and slide around the course, occasionally bouncing into the water.

The location of the park is stunning and the staff is incredibly friendly. Kamia Bay truly is the most fun way to spend an afternoon before heading to El Nido.