Use These Tips to Barter Successfully in Morroco’s Souks

Photo by Ben Ostrower on Unsplash

Shopping in the traditional, narrow, and winding streets of a Moroccan souk is one of the most thrilling experiences a tourist can have. The endless amount of smells, sights, and products to be bought makes a day at the souks truly unique.

Souks can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie, and buying something at one of the shops will likely include a bit of bartering. Don’t worry, as it’s normal! Here are some tips that will help you to barter successfully, saving you money, and getting you some really neat things.

Never Go for the First Price

When you inquire about buying something at a souk, whether it be a blanket or a basket, the first price the shop owner tells you is going to be inflated. Don’t feel like you have to accept the price that they ask for, as it can always be pushed down.

Be Firm

Don’t let shop owners intimidate you with their expertise and experience. If you don’t want to pay what they are asking you for a product, don’t give in if it’s outside of your price range. Many times, they’ll fold and lower the price, and if not, you’ll save yourself from overpaying.

Try to Meet Halfway

While the people who work in shops likely won’t come down to your first offer for price, one of the best strategies that you can employ is to start with a price even lower than what you would realistically pay and try to meet the vendor halfway.