Travel’s best-kept secret countries

San Marino. Photo by Lorenzo Castagnone on Unsplash

If you want to stay far from the madding crowd this vacation, consider visiting one of the world’s least-visited countries for some peace and quiet.

San Marino

Situated in Northern Italy, it is the fifth-smallest country in the world, and the oldest republic and sovereign nation on the planet.

With only 33,000 inhabitants, you’ll be able to visit the many historic sights, as well as mountains, the Adriatic Coast, and a host of fascinating medieval relics without the crowds.


This small Caribbean island has an active volcano, beautiful, quiet beaches, and quaint towns.  Due to its large Irish population, St Patrick’s Day is a big celebration on the island, with a uniquely Caribbean flavor.

East Timor

Also known as Timor-Leste, this island is part of Southeast Asia, even though it is close to Australia. A great place for diving, snorkeling, and hiking, it has beautiful beaches and interesting Portuguese colonial architecture.


This chain of tiny islands in the South Pacific has beautiful white sandy beaches, lush, green forests, and crystal clear waters for the only 2,000 visitors it receives annually. It’s in danger of sinking because of rising sea levels, so make your visit soon.