Top Museums to Check Out in Beijing

China has a rich history stretching back a millennia. Its unique culture can now be experienced through a series of world class museums in the country’s capital. Here are some of the top museums in Beijing that you’ve got to visit.

National Museum of China

Located right in the heart of Beijing, the National Museum of China contains a plethora of Chinese art. Its varied exhibitions and artefacts range from prehistory and ancient China, through the Revolution to modern art.

Beijing Folklore Museum

Found in the city’s famous Dongyue Temple, this archaic structure was built in the 14th century and is now used to celebrate national celebrations such as the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

China Red Sandalwood Museum

This private museum exhibits many artworks devoted to ancient Chinese architecture, and specializes in the preservation of antique furniture. The museum is particularly interested in looking after furniture made of the rare Chinese red sandalwood.

National Art Museum of China

Established in 1958, the museum is now a powerful shrine to Chinese art. It contains artworks spanning across several eras of Chinese history, with paintings, calligraphy, sculptures and porcelain ceramics.