Princes Pier is One of Port Melbourne’s Most Picturesque Spots

Photo by Hendri Sabri on Unsplash

Australia is home to many beautiful piers, popular with locals and tourists alike. Relaxing walks and beautiful views are guaranteed at each one of these spots, and that’s the case with Princes Pier, but there’s something that sets it apart from all the other piers in Australia.

Port Melbourne’s most picture-perfect attraction is home to the remains of the original wooden pillars that were once used in its construction. Built between 1912 and 1915, Princes Pier was used for its original purpose until the ‘90s, but it was eventually closed to the public due to poor timber condition and the fire that left it in a pretty bad shape.

After a full restoration, Princes Pier finally reopened in 2011, but its rich past was never erased. The original wooden pillars are still around, reminding people of Port Melbourne’s rich history, and attracting photographers from all around the world to its shores.

If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne, you’ll find this picture-perfect pier on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, in the inner suburb of Port Melbourne. It’s officially open between 6 am–10 pm, and it can easily be reached from downtown Melbourne by bus or car.