Top destinations in Japan for Manga Fans

There are few Japanese exports that have swept the globe and established such a devoted fan base as the world of manga.  Here are 5 must-see locations in Japan for the manga fan.  


Known as the manga capital of Japan, the Tokyo district Akihabara is the first stop for manga fans the world over.  This vibrant part of the city has an abundance of anime stores, gaming venues and electronic shops.

Kyoto International Manga Museum 

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is like the Library of Alexandria for manga fans.  The shelves are stacked with a colossal collection of both historical and contemporary manga artwork, while the museum also features temporary exhibitions of this work.    

Tokyo Character Street 

This subterranean center for manga and anime lovers is located beneath Tokyo Station.  Find a huge variety of popular character merchandise within its bustling network of stores.

One Piece Tower  

Modeled on the long-running manga series One Piece, this indoor amusement park allows you to enter the world of your favorite show through a delightful mix of games, rides and shows.  

The Pokemon Center 

As the center of the Pokemon universe, the Pokemon Center not only sells a great variety of official and exclusive Pokemon merchandise but also offers lessons to help teach newcomers how to play the Pokemon card game.