Visiting Rotterdam? Stay at ROOM Hostel

Prominently featured at the top of many “Best Of” Rotterdam lists is Hostel ROOM Rotterdam. But what makes this hostel so special? Here are a few things:


ROOM makes it its business to help guests have the best possible time while staying there. The staff will take you to the park to see live music, host “Dutch Delight” nights in-house, and make sure you’re on top of what’s going on in town, including street art festivals, marathons, and heritage days.


The hostel has free tours for guests that cover a range of interests and take visitors through town to see local life and hear true Rotterdam stories.


Touring and culture aside, the hostel caters to a young crowd looking to have some fun! At ROOM you can hang out in their in-house bar, then retire to the guest areas for a quiz night, movie night, or play some beer pong.


The rooms have great perks even at the most basic priced dormitories. The rooms are pretty and set up with USB plugs, ear plugs, and a great score on cleanliness throughout their reviews. Free lockers, games, and guest storage are also provided for guests.


In addition to the rooms and the in-house bar (with a happy hour), ROOM Hostel also offers bike rentals, games, and a bakery-sourced continental breakfast available until 1 pm every morning.