Come to Tuscon for a Fun Southwestern Experience!

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Tuscon is a city that’s been around some say since 2100 BC, and is full of history because of it. Tuscon is a really great city visit if you want to see the incredible landscape of the American southwest while still being in a booming Metropolitan area. There is so much culture to explore in Tuscon so if you want to see a unique part of the US, this is the place to be.

What to Do

Within the actual city limits of Tuscon, there are some super interesting museums that show a unique side of Tuscon. One of the best ones is called the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is a combination of a natural history museum, botanical garden, zoo, and more! This is the place to go to understand more about the local landscape and is definitely a place kids will love.

The Sabino Canyon is an absolute treasure in the area just north of Tuscon. Not only do you get to have a desert experience through hiking and walking trails, stunning views, but oddly enough there’s also a nearby creek that bares the same name where you can swim in the waterfall! Perfect for those hot Arizona days.

When you’re back in Tuscon city limits, there’s one building you certainly can’t and won’t miss. San Xavier del Bac is a Catholic church that is actually the oldest church in the state! It was built in the 18th century and displays a perfect example of the Spanish style of architecture the Spaniards brought over to the area.

If you’re someone who’s into astronomy or just fascinated by stars, there is one place in Tuscon you certainly cannot miss. Kitt Peak National Observatory is an astronomical observatory that you can visit day or night that boasts 24 telescopes and in total, has the most variety of astronomical equipment in the world.

If art is what calls to you, you have to check out the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. This gallery is more like a combination of a museum, gallery, and piece of art in and of itself. The gallery is completely outdoors, and there are several buildings that display different building techniques and artistic expressions all over each building.

What to Eat

Eating in Tuscon is really a privilege because you have all the amazing cuisine from Mexico right at your fingertips. Though some of them aren’t the fanciest, it matters more about the food you’re getting than the atmosphere of these places. One join you have to stop by at is called BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs. While it might seem a little dumpy, the tacos are out of control and the hot dogs are delicious as well!

Another place you have to try is Theresa’s Mosaic Cafe where you will get yummy Tex-Mex classics like chimichangas, authentic enchiladas, and the most spectacular black beans you’ll ever have in your life, guaranteed. All the tortillas are made fresh in house, and you really can’t be that.

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