Top 5 Adventure Sports in Krabi, Thailand

Photo by Rachael Annabelle on Unsplash

The wild and mysterious province of Krabi on the south-west coast of Thailand is famous for its vibrant wildlife, landscapes, and adventure sports. Here are 5 of the top adventure sports activities you can do in this beautiful area.

Mountain River Rafting

The Songprak river offers ideal conditions for thrilling rafting. You can navigate 3 miles of it in a group inflatable boat for unforgettable thrills.


The mountainous, rocky terrain of Krabi is perfect for canyoning. You can abseil multiple fast waterfalls and adventure down deep rocky slopes.


There are few better ways to discover Krabi’s wilderness than flying through the air on a zip wire. Thai’d Up is one of the top tour companies that offer such adventure.

Scuba Diving

The best way to explore Krabi’s wonderful array of marine life is to scuba dive beneath the sapphire seas. Scuba diving companies offer tours for all skill levels and will teach novices how to do it.

Rock Climbing

Krabi’s limestone cliffs are famous for rock climbing, with climbers coming from all over the world to sample its delights. While the cliffs are great for expert adventurers, there also activities for the less experienced.