Top 4 Non-Touristy Things to Do in Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada. Photo by Rachael Annabelle on Unsplash

Don’t want to be like every tourist ever during your visit to Toronto, Canada? Then skip the usual tourist activities and take part in these instead.

Explore Gerrard India Bazaar

Gerrard India Bazaar has a special charm that attracts locals from all parts of Toronto and should attract you as well. This marketplace focuses on cultures of the Indian subcontinent and is a place where you can eat probably the best Indian, Sri Lankan, and Pakistani food in Canada. The place also hosts South Asia-themed festivals and sells all sorts of other products from the region.

Watch a Documentary at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema is a movie theater that has a slightly different screening than you might expect. The place focuses on documentaries and independent films, allowing you to check out projects that you wouldn’t be able to catch anywhere else on the big screen.

Marvel at the Street Art at Graffiti Alley   

Most tourists don’t get around to visiting Toronto’s Graffiti Alley despite it being the only place in the city where street art is legal. You will be able to check out some amazing works from Canadian and international street artists, capture some cool photos, and maybe stumble upon some community events.

Pick up a Book at The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw is an iconic Toronto bookstore that sells old and rare books, manuscripts, and other printed materials. It features all sorts of other oddities, including a book vending machine.