Best Places to Find Free Wi-Fi While Traveling Through Europe

Traveling in Europe
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Maybe your phone plan doesn’t include using mobile internet in European countries. Perhaps there is no place in your budget for investing in a local SIM card that would allow you to use the internet when abroad. If that is so, don’t worry. Finding free Wi-Fi while traveling through Europe is quite easy if you look at these places.

Major Tourist Attractions

Almost all major tourist attractions in Europe have free-to-use Wi-Fi networks for visitors, including museums, town squares, and cultural venues. It might not be as fast as you would want due to a high number of users, but it will get you by when in need.

Popular Fast-Food and Coffee Chains

Need reliable and fast Wi-Fi? Simply find the first McDonald’s, Starbucks, or other popular fast food or coffee chain. They will usually have a top-notch Wi-Fi network that will support all your web needs. If you don’t need to use it for long, you don’t have to even get in. Simply get close enough to the door, and you’ll catch the signal.

Train and Bus Station and Airports

In most European cities, train and bus stations, as well as airports, offer free Wi-Fi networks. You can simply walk into the lobby, get yourself comfortable at one of the benches or seats, and start browsing. The best thing about this option is that you can spend there as much time as you want because everyone will think you are waiting for your train, bus, or flight.