3 Tips to Feel Calmer When Flying

Airport trips
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Many people have a fear of flying. For humans, the concept of flight is very unnatural so it’s understandable to feel nervous before jetting off into the sky. However, for lots of people flying is an essential part of work or leisure and so this overwhelming fear is very unwelcome. Here are a few ways to help soothe your nerves during your flight experience. 

Allow Yourself Enough Time

There’s nothing worse than feeling nervous about the flight and then having to rush too. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and relax before actually boarding. 

Take Some Distractions 

It’s a good idea to bring some things to keep you entertained both for the flight itself and the run-up to it. Bring along a gripping book or a portable game in order to keep your mind preoccupied with something calming and comforting.

Bring Headphones

Being able to listen to some chill music or a soothing podcast will help calm your nerves. It can also be really helpful to not be able to hear the sounds of the plane engine and wings during the takeoff and flight process.

Call a Friend Before Takeoff

Just hearing a familiar voice will help ground you, and you can voice some of your concerns to someone who will be understanding and help reassure you.