Three of the Best Pizza Joints in New York City

New York City
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

New York City is famous as a destination for incredible food, and it’s possible to eat almost every cuisine in existence across the city. One of the items it specializes in is pizza, so if you’re a fan of thin crust, wood-fired dough topped with all the delicious cheeses, sauces, and meats you can imagine, you’ve come to the right city. Here, check out three of the best pizza joints for when you’re visiting New York.


Specializing in reinvented American Italian classics, Rubirosa is one of the highest-rated pizza joints for good reason. Offering vegan alternatives and a choice of a small or large pizza, you can opt for delicious toppings including ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, and oregano, or the Honey Pie, which offers mozzarella, fontina, soppressata, and spiced honey. Expect long queues over the weekend, and at peak times it may be worth making a reservation to guarantee a spot.

Scarr’s Pizza

This pizza place offers pizza by the slice and is primarily a take-out option. However, the rave reviews demonstrate how great a slice of take-out pizza can be. Scarr’s is the perfect option if you want a taste of New York on the go, and you can generally avoid the queues you might find at Rubirosa.

John’s Of Bleeker Street

This revered establishment has been operating in this location since 1929 and is officially many people’s favorite pizza place in the city. The menu is fairly traditional, but the pizza is of exceptional quality, and service is always delivered with a smile.