Three of the Best Burger Joints in Berlin, Germany

Photo by Ilya Mashkov on Unsplash

Berlin is an amazing city, full of fantastic places to eat. There are many different cuisines on offer, but some of the most popular establishments are good old-fashioned burger joints. Checking out one of these eateries is essential if you’re vacationing in Berlin, especially since Germany can claim some of the credit for the invention of the hamburger.

Shiso Burger

This Asian-influenced burger bar offers some fantastic new takes on burgers, as well as beloved and traditional versions. Go for a soy-glazed minced pork bap, a ginger and lemongrass laced beef burger, or a vegan tofu option which is just as tasty as the real deal.

Peter Pane

Offering eat-in and take-out options, this burger bar is highly rated due to its innovative menu and incredible fries. Visitors are also keen on the friendly and efficient service, so check out this place if you want a fun, relaxed meal.

Upper Burger Grill Bar

This hip burger bar offers all the classics and plenty of interesting sides. In the summer, sit out and enjoy the sunshine, and in winter wrap up warm inside and enjoy the delicious, hearty food.