The World’s Biggest Adrenaline Rushes

Looking for your next big thrill? These insane adrenaline activities put your standard skydive to shame.

Stratosphere Skyjump, Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you can free fall from the Stratosphere. That’s an 829 ft. free fall. We dare you.

Wing Walking

Instead of jumping out of a plane, you can walk along the wing of a plane… while it is in flight. This is not for the faint of heart.

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Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

Volcano boarding is like tobogganing only instead of racing through the snow, you slide down the side of a volcano. And instead of taking a ski lift, you have to climb up the side of a potentially active volcano.

Verzasca Dam Bungee, Switzerland

Verzasca Dam is the most famous bungee spot in the world. It is not only insanely high, but the view is also insanely beautiful. Of course, you’ll need to keep your eyes open to actually see it.

Skywalk, China

The Walk of Faith takes place 4,700 ft above ground level. Walking along a glass path above a canyon is an incredible experience, but probably not the best idea if you suffer from vertigo.