Should You Be Staying at Hostels During Global Health Crisis

Many travelers are stuck in countries they can’t leave in the face of current health crises, with very little money on their disposal. Hostels are the only kind of accommodation they can afford, and here’s a couple of things you should take into consideration if you’re staying at one.

Staying Safe

You should still pay attention to all the necessary precautions while staying at hostels, such as washing your hands, not touching your face, and using hand sanitizer. You’ll be sharing your space with many people, so it’s important to be extra careful about all these things.

Extra Care

Even if you have to stay at a hostel, consider renting your own room with a private bathroom. At least you won’t be sharing your space with other travelers and putting yourself and others in potentially risky situations.

Taking Care of Others

If you end up staying in a dorm with other people, don’t go wandering around like it’s a regular trip. Even if you came there in the hope you’ll get to explore another country, now’s not the time, so do the responsible thing and stay inside.