The Scariest Roller Coasters in the World

Photo by blueberry Maki on Unsplash

There’s no greater feeling than right before a massive drop on a roller coaster. You get ready to raise your hands and scream at the top of your lungs, knowing full well that your mind is about to get blown. The world is filled with hundreds of amazing roller coasters, but which ones are the scariest?

Time Traveler | Silver Dollar City

Located in Silver Dollar City, Missouri, Time Traveler is thrilling for reasons that have less to do with speed, and more to do with wildness. Each car spins wildly as it journeys through crazy drops, a vertical loop, and a steep 100-foot peak.

Takabisha | Fuji-Q Highland theme park

Japan is famous for lots of things, and roller coasters should be added to that list. Takabisha, a roller coaster that can be found in Fujiyoshida’s Fuji-Q Highland theme park, is known for terrifying its riders senseless. After it elevates you so high that you can see the marvelous Mount Fuji, you’re then turned on a 121-degree angle and dropped mercilessly.

Kingda Ka | Six Flags

Kingda Ka, located in New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, currently holds the title for the tallest roller coaster in the world, elevating to a startling peak of 456 feet. If that’s not enough, it has the longest initial drop in the world as well, which is known to give its riders a real thrill.

Formula Rossa | Ferrari World

If you happen to find yourself in Abu Dhabi, check out Ferrari World, where you can board Formula Rossa. True to its home’s title, this roller coaster is the fastest in the world, hitting 149 miles per hour at one point.