3 Spots You Must See in San Francisco Bay

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco. Photo by Klemens Köpfle on Unsplash

San Francisco Bay, the saline heart of the Bay Area and cities such as Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, and Marin, is often overlooked when it comes to visits to this area despite its crucial importance to the natural and historical patrimony of northern California.

So, if you find yourself visiting the Bay Area and want to take time to do a “deep dive” into the best that the Bay has to offer, here are some recommendations for places to visit.

Alcatraz Island

One of the most popular day trips in San Francisco is to Alcatraz Island, a small rocky piece of land in the middle of the bay that once housed one of the world’s most notorious prisons. You’ll love touring the former jail as well as the sights of San Francisco from here.

Golden Gate Bridge

Arguably the most iconic bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel as it crosses the west end of the bay from San Francisco to Marin County. The views of the bay from the bridge itself are marvelous, and you will also find spots like the Marin Headlands Vista Point on the north end of the bridge to see it and the bay from.

Angel Island

Alcatraz might be the most famous island in the bay, but if you are looking for something a little more natural and laid-back, a day trip to Angel Island is a fantastic choice. Arguably the best views of San Francisco’s skyline can be seen from the island’s high point, and you will also find plenty of walking and hiking trails as well as underrated beaches.