The Most Family-Friendly Countries in the World

Traveling with kids
Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

When trying to find a vacation destination for your family, it can be difficult to choose one that has activities that both you and your kids will enjoy. You don’t want the whole trip to be about trying to find things to excite your kids, you want to have time to relax and unwind as well. These are the most-family friendly countries around the world and some of these are sure to surprise you.


There’s actually plenty of kid-approved things to do in Uganda, especially if your kids love wildlife. One of the largest groups of mountain gorillas can be found at the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the Kibale National Park has tons of chimpanzees, and leopards can be seen at the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Victoria. If your family enjoys camping, Murchison Falls is a great place to spend time outdoors.


Teenagers will love Taiwan as it’s the home of Bubble Tea and there are tons of fun, quirky cafes to explore. The night markets are also a must-see spot and the mountain ranges are great for family-friendly trails and bike tracks.

Costa Rica

If the warm weather wasn’t enough reason to visit this country, the rainforests, volcanoes, and rivers have captivating views your kids will enjoy. Your kids will have fun taking suspended walkways and bridges to explore the misty cloud forests.


From tuk-tuks to monks, Thailand is jam-packed with culture and there are tons of family-friendly attractions like temples and beaches. There’s even National Children’s Day where on the second Saturday in January, children get to enjoy free activities and free public transportation.


Greek culture holds family as an important aspect of their life and in Greece, kids are included in all activities including steering boats and fishing at the pier. Plus, how can you resist Greek cuisine?