The Most Bike-Friendly Cities Around the World

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Abbilyn Zavgorodniaia on Unsplash

If you love to get your bike on, then when planning your next trip you might be taking into consideration whether your destination has a lot of bike accessibility. Luckily, there’s plenty of places where bikes are almost as commonplace as cars, and plenty of safety measures to boot. Here are three of the best cities for biking.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has long been one of the most bikeable cities in the world. With a strong bike culture and infrastructure, it’s a great place to visit if you prefer to avoid cars and buses altogether. There are wide bike lanes, bike bridges, and spots for bikes on all public transit. The only thing to be wary of is that bike lanes get really crowded at rush hour, so try to avoid traveling at those times if you can.

Bogota, Colombia

While still plagued by thriving car culture and crowded streets, Bogota has set an example for South American bike reform. It’s made an effort to create more biking infrastructure, promote bike safety, and even close certain streets to cars once a week.

Tokyo, Japan

The people of Tokyo have a long history of biking everywhere, even if the infrastructure isn’t specifically built for it. Despite its continued lack of government resources, biking culture is baked into Tokyo’s transportation norms and is a great place to visit for bikers.