The Best of the Kalahari Desert

Photo by Chris Stenger on Unsplash

The Kalahari Desert in southern Africa is one of the world’s most unknown yet attractive natural paradises. Covering much of Botswana as well as small parts of Namibia and South Africa, there are so many places that are worth checking out in this arid land.

If you are planning a trip to the Kalahari, add these three places to your list of spots to check out and see.

Tsodilo Hills

You will find the Tsodilo Hills in northwestern Botswana near the border with Namibia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will find a hilly, rocky, arid landscape that contains shelters and rock art related to one of the many tribes that have settled here over the millennia.

Nxai Pan National Park

Northeastern Botswana is the home of Nxai Pan National Park, whose namesake is a large salt flat that can be visited in the area of the park. Apart from the wildlife that can be seen here, you will surely also find the thousands-year-old baobab trees a sight to behold.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

One of the largest salt flats in the world can be found in central Botswana. Jeep tours and other expeditions will take you to this surreal landscape, which is also populated by animals such as wildebeest, hippos, and zebras.