The Best Markets For Your Fusion-Inspired Cuisine

Photo by Roxanne Desgagnés on Unsplash

The only way to make something that tastes good even better is by mixing in something new, fresh, and even exotic. London and Jerusalem, which are two deeply multicultural cities, might have cracked the code of how to get fusion food right, and you can have the best meal of your life if you know exactly where to try the most amazing, high-quality ingredients!  

Borough Market | London, England  

The Borough in London is an open market that has been there for over 1,000 years. Here you can meet the people who grow their own food and sample some great products. Be prepared to be surprised with almost every bite you take. Thai curry with a Peruvian twist? Why not? All you have to do is let the food fairy take you places you never imagined before.   

Mahane Yehuda | Jerusalem, Israel  

Yes, Mediterranean food is delicious, but there is one place that features the best of it, and that is the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Тhe Ottomans were the first ones to brag about their fruits and vegetables here, and the tradition is still going strong today. Here, people from many cultures and all faiths come together to make halva, falafel, or börek every day, and this lively, aroma-filled place is more than worth a visit.