The Best European Destinations for Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t just change the way we travel, it also affected the way we work. Many of us are currently working from home, which means we could easily work from any remote destination. If you’re thinking about temporarily moving to some European city to work from, here are our best picks.

Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira became popular among freelancers during the past few years. It offers them a chance to work from sunny beaches. Given that it’s only 30 miles away from the country’s capital, the place has everything you could wish for.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary is the place where the creatives have been finding inspiration for years. One of the best things about Budapest is that it’s affordable, so you can enjoy its beauty for less money than you would need in some other cities. This means that you can either save a lot while working from Budapest or use the city to get you going through a rough period or between two jobs.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki may be your best choice if you’re looking for a Scandinavian city to live in while you work remotely. Whether you’re looking for great food, lots of cultural events, or accessible nature to enjoy when you need it, it has it all.