Your Guide to the Beaches of Israel

Israel has a great variety of beaches that you can explore on your travels. Your first thoughts about Israel may be the history and religious sites, but the country has so much more to offer. These cities have some of the best beaches, making for the vacation of a lifetime.

Tel Aviv

The beaches in the city of Tel Aviv offer you a chance to enjoy warm Mediterranean waters without leaving the city and all the amazing things in it. Tel Aviv is one of the cities that combines everything you need for a perfect vacation—sandy beaches, city culture, great food, museums, and nightlife.

Dead Sea

If you head to the Dead Sea beaches, you can float in the salties waters on the planet. You will find some of the best spas there with many different treatments you can try.


If you’re into scuba diving and snorkeling, head to Eilat. Its beaches are a great starting point for exploring marine life. There are dolphins, 250 coral species, and over 1,200 fish species you can see there.