The Best Amusement Parks Europe Has to Offer

PortAventura Park in Spain. Photo by Ray Berry on Unsplash

When we think of Europe, theme parks aren’t usually the first thing that comes to our mind. We usually think about history, the arts, and countless cultures that have shaped the region for centuries.

However, Europe is also home to some thrilling amusement parks. So whether you want to take your family, your partner, or simply go on your own, these are the very best amusement parks in Europe.


In the year 2019 alone, 5.7 million people attended Europa-Park, which is located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. With over 100 attractions, it’s one of the best theme parks that Europe has to offer. If you’re anywhere near the South of Germany, we highly recommend checking it out.


Located in Barcelona, PortAventura is the largest amusement park in Spain. If you happen to make it out there, check out the Furious Baco, which is considered to be one of Europe’s fastest roller coasters, reaching a peak speed of 83 miles per hour.

Disneyland Paris

If you’re less into the extreme roller coasters and more about a wholesome family experience, we’d recommend checking out Disneyland Paris. Combine the magic of Disneyland with the city known for its romance, and it’s no surprise 15 million visitors show up every single year.