Why You Actually Want to Get “Lost” in a Foreign City

Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

Traveling in a foreign country can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Often, people talk about seeing historic sites or walking popular hikes, but there’s another way to truly experience the city you’re in: getting lost in it.

Still Being Safe

Now don’t get us wrong—we aren’t saying that you should throw out your phone and have completely no idea where you are. You shouldn’t be so lost that you actually feel like you’re in danger, especially if it’s late at night and you’re not in a public area. We mean getting lost in the colloquial sense, where you just walk around various areas without much idea of where you’re going.

Becoming a Local

When you walk aimlessly around a city you’ve never been in, it allows you to connect with the land in a very unique way. You wouldn’t plan your every move if you actually lived there, so when you get lost in a city, you’re essentially learning what it’s like to be a local!

Embracing Adventure

Ultimately, there’s something truly adventurous about letting the wind take you where it will. Again, it’s important to have Google Maps on you and a fully charged phone, just in case. But as long as you have those things, feel free to allow the trip to take on a mind of its own.