The 3 Very Best Airlines to Fly With

Singapore Airlines
Photo by Saif Zaman ( আয়ান ) on Unsplash

If you’re prepping for a fun trip and can’t decide which airline to fly on, we’ve got you covered. Some airlines are truly head and shoulders above others, and if you’ve got a few extra dollars to spend, it may be worth it to splurge on a high-end airline. If you’re wondering which airlines are the best of the best, these three are way up there.


Emirates is perhaps one of the most popular airlines in the world today. Based in Dubai, it’s flown on quite a bit due to the fact that Dubai is a mecca for business and tourism. Its first-class amenities are on another level, and it’s received some of the best feedback compared to other airlines.

Singapore Airlines

Here’s an amazing airline that you may not have expected. Singapore Airlines isn’t as commonly flown as Emirates, but it’s no less incredible. In fact, this airline was actually rated as the number one airline to fly on for countless years straight, and for good reason. From its impeccable service to its gourmet food selection, this airline is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Qatar Airways

And then we have Qatar Airways, which has slowly but surely emerged as one of the most luxurious airlines known today. Similar to the others above, it may cost you a pretty penny to fly on it, but it’s worth it if you’ve got the means to do so.