Thai Places that Could Pop Up on “The White Lotus” Season 3

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Peter Borter on Unsplash

Thailand is at the top of many people’s bucket lists and it’s not hard to see why. After all, HBO has decided to set the third season of its hit, The White Lotus, in the Southeast Asian country. 

The anthology series is all about luxury, with the previous seasons taking place in Hawaii and Sicily, respectively. The exact filming locations for Season 3 have not yet been revealed, but producers won’t be short of scenes. Here are some places that could pop up. 

Chiang Mai

Situated in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a charming little city. It boasts ancient temples, colorful night markets, and unbelievable street food that you won’t get enough of. In addition to wandering Chiang Mai’s whimsical streets, you can also take a cooking class or visit an elephant sanctuary.

Koh Phangan

The White Lotus can be wild, so we fully expect the guests to attend a Full Moon Party while they’re there. Each month, thousands of party-goers attend the famous event on the beaches of Koh Phangan, complete with drinks, neon body paint, and lots of dancing.


Back in the day, Ayutthaya used to be the capital of Thailand. The city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site where one can explore the ancient ruins of temples and palaces.