St. Lucia’s Must-See Spots

A golden sunset in St. Lucia
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

The lush green island of St. Lucia in the Lesser Antilles is one of the best vacation spots you can find anywhere in the Caribbean. Relaxed and low-key, the beaches and tropical landscapes that this island affords to travelers make it a favorite for many.

Aside from its beaches, there is plenty to do in St. Lucia! Be sure to head to these three spots the next time you’re on the island.

The Pitons

The symbol of St. Lucia and one of the most stunning sights you’ll see on the island is the Pitons, a pair of volcanic spires that tower above Piton Bay on the west coast of the island. Numerous hiking routes allow you to climb to the top of these two mountains and enjoy unforgettable ocean sights.

Maria Islands

A protected nature reserve, the Maria Islands lie just a kilometer off of the St. Lucia coast and can be visited by boat. Here, you’ll find a desert-like atmosphere with cacti and migratory birds that make this a special place for nature lovers.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

The oldest botanical gardens on St. Lucia are located just outside of the town of Soufrière and offer up a number of beautiful things to see. The Diamond Falls are the centerpiece of the park, and its waters are said to contain medicinal properties. There are also a number of displays of striking local flora that you won’t soon forget!