4 Lesser-Known Party Cities In Europe

Antwerp, Belgium.
Antwerp, Belgium. Photo by Carl Campbell on Unsplash

Some European cities, like Ibiza and Berlin, are famous for their nightlife scene, so much so that they became go-to destinations for travelers who want to let loose and party. Other cities across the continent have stayed under the radar despite having just as much to offer. Here are a few underrated European party destinations.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is known for its beaches and laid-back atmosphere, and the affordable prices draw many backpackers. There are many venues across the town, hosting wild parties for all types of crowds.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow goes relatively unnoticed when compared to Warsaw or Gdansk, but a night out in this city definitely holds its own. Drinks are super cheap, the locals are friendly, and there are bars and clubs on every corner.

Chania, Crete

Chania, a beautiful Venetian port city in Crete, has a buzzing nightlife scene. The old town is lined with atmospheric bars where you can have a drink with a view of the harbor before heading to one of the clubs.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is home to one of the biggest gay and lesbian bars in Belgium: Red and Blur Club, and it doesn’t fall short of Brussels in terms of a great night out.