Slovakia’s Caves Will Rock Your World

Belianska Cave, Slovakia.
Belianska Cave, Slovakia. Image by [email protected]/Depositphotos

If Slovakia isn’t one of the European countries on your bucket list, you’ll change your mind about it after learning how many natural wonders it’s home to. Caves happen to be some of the very best, and here are three that will make you see Slovakia in a whole new light.

Belianska Cave

The largest cave in the Tatra mountains, Belianska is the only cave in this region currently accessible to the public. You shouldn’t miss a chance to join a guided tour taking you inside this cave, which once served as a home to pre-historic people and has several underground lakes in store.

Domica Cave

Domica is the biggest cave in the Slovak Karst formation, and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to check it out. It’s so large that you can board a boat and take a ride on the underground river Styx during your visit.

Demänovská Caves

Two caves in Slovakia share the name Demänovská, and you won’t go wrong no matter which one you decide to visit. Demänovská Cave of Liberty will win you over with its colorful rock formations and underground lakes, while Demänovská Ice Cave became a huge hit with tourists thanks to its cold and icy interior.