Seoul’s Lotte World is South Korea’s Most Impressive Theme Park

A visit to a theme park is usually an essential part of any family vacation, and Seoul happens to be home to quite a few. If we had to pick the very best, we’d have to go with Lotte World, the largest indoor theme park in South Korea—and the entire world.

Lotte World opened its doors in 1989 and grew into Seoul’s biggest entertainment complex. There are two main sections that you can explore during your visit, including the outdoor amusement park Magic Island and indoor park Adventure, divided into four main floors.

The list of exciting attractions and rides you can check out is pretty much endless, and it ranges from kid-friendly rides to exhilarating roller coasters. There are also an aquarium and water park on the premises, and you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of Seoul from the Lotte World Tower.

Lotte World is located in Seoul’s Sincheon-dong neighborhood, and it’s open every day between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. A general admission ticket will set you back by around $55 (59,000 won), but that’s not stopping this amusement park from being one of South Korea’s major tourist attractions, with 7.3 million visitors per year.