Ottawa is Home to Canada’s Most Impressive Museums

Photo by Naveen Kumar on Unsplash

Ottawa rarely gets as much attention as Toronto and Montreal, so it’s easy to forget it’s actually the capital of Canada. There’s still a lot you can explore during your visit to this city, especially if you’re a fan of museums since Ottawa has many impressive ones in store. Here are the best ones you wouldn’t want to miss.

National Gallery of Canada

Canada’s national art museum is one of the largest of its kind in all of North America, and its permanent collection includes over 93,000 works from Canadian and international artists.

Canadian Museum of History

If you’re looking for a museum that sheds a light on Canada’s rich history and cultural diversity, this is the place to be.

Canadian War Museum

Ottawa is also home to a spacious museum dedicated to the country’s military history, situated in a modern building with a glass façade.

Canadian Museum of Nature

If Ottawa’s museums dedicated to art and history don’t take your breath away, this natural museum with an impressive collection of 14.6 million specimens certainly will.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Canada also has a pretty impressive aviation history, and you can learn more about it at this large museum with aeronautical exhibits, with many military and civilian aircraft on display.