Rat Tours are the Newest Thing in NYC

Image via nyc_kb/TikTok

There are many things which bring people to New York City. Times Square, Central Park, Broadway… they all rank high on the list. 

Something not on our personal list is rat tours. 

And yet, the peculiar excursion is attracting thousands to the city.

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New York is well-known for having a rat problem. The rodents have always been residents — after all, who can forget the video of the black rat carrying a slice of pizza down the subway stairs? The infestation worsened during the pandemic, however, with reports of rat activity hitting 60,000 last year. 

Although most New Yorkers are not fans of the critters, there is a whole sect of the Internet known as RatTok that is quite happy about their presence. 

“Rats are like a New York City mascot. People want to see it for themselves,” explained Kenny Bollwerk who hosts free walking tours to places where rats like to let their tails down like construction sites and restaurants surrounded by garbage.

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His late-night tours are usually live-streamed on TikTok, sometimes drawing in 10,000 viewers. There are also dozens of fans who have made their way to the Big Apple specifically to seek out the rodents.

Apparently, it’s the most-authentic NYC experience one can have.