Myanmar is Worth the Visit for its Stunning Pagodas Alone

Visit Myanmar's Pagodas
Photo by Mg Cthu on Unsplash

Buddhist pagodas are one of the staples of Burmese architecture, and they earned Myanmar its famous nickname “the land of pagodas”. This South Asian country is currently home to over a thousand pagodas, and here are a few you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Shwedagon Pagoda

One of the first places that people think of when someone mentions Myanmar, this historic Buddhist temple is also known as the Golden Pagoda, because it was made of bricks covered with gold plates.

Sule Pagoda

Another beautiful golden pagoda, Sule is a popular tourist attraction thanks to its rich history and a convenient location in the heart of Yangon.

Hsinbyume Pagoda

Many of Myanmar’s most beautiful pagodas were plated with gold and built many centuries ago, but not Hsinbyume. What sets this 19th-century Buddhist temple apart are its white walls and unique layered design, meant to resemble sacred Mount Meru.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Kyaiktiyo isn’t Myanmar’s largest or most impressive pagoda, but there’s something that sets it apart from all else. This tiny pagoda was built on the top of a granite balancing rock, and it’s one of the most gravity-defying things you’ll ever see.