Most Common Street Scams You Should Be Aware of When Traveling

Photo by Yasin Vatansever on Unsplash

Walking on the streets of major tourist destinations doesn’t always turn out to be the exploring mission you hoped for. Occasionally, you will be approached by strangers who will try to use your good spirits and scam you out of your money. In order to avoid that from happening, check out some of the most common street scams you should be aware of when traveling.

Stain on the Clothes Scam

There are several variations of this scam, but they work on a similar method. Someone might “accidentally” spill something on you or “notice” a stain on your clothes. They will offer to help you clean it on the spot and try to get their hands on your valuables. There might be a second person involved who will do the pickpocketing while you’re distracted.

Friendship Bracelet Scam

You will be approached by a person offering a friendship bracelet, making it seem like it is free. Even if you decline, they will try to put it on your hand. If they succeed, they will ask you to pay for it. The same will happen if you accept other kinds of “gifts” like music CDs and flowers.

Photography Scam

A person will walk to you and ask you to take their picture with a smartphone or a camera. When you try to return the device, they will drop it and act like it is your fault before asking for compensation.

Wallet on the Floor Scam

When walking on the street, you might see a wallet on the floor, but just ignore it. It is an empty wallet placed by scammers who will expect you to check your own wallet and reveal its location so they can pickpocket you.