Morocco’s Opulent Palaces Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

El Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco.
El Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco. Photo by Charlie Gallant on Unsplash

Morocco’s architectural richness knows no bounds, and if you want to feel like a royal in this African country, its opulent palaces are the place to be. Dare to open up the high gates and retrace royalty in some of the most beautiful palaces that Morocco has in store.

Dar al-Makhzen (Rabat)

Rabat once used to be the country’s capital, so it’s not surprising that it’s now home to one of Morocco’s most spectacular palaces. Dar al-Makhzen used to be the primary and official residence of the country’s royal family, but it’s also home to landscaped gardens, a big library, and a royal college.

El Badi Palace (Marrakesh)

A visit to Morocco is incomplete if you don’t make a stop in Marrakesh and discover many amazing wonders that it has in store. El Badi Palace isn’t as vibrant as some of its other attractions, but there are five centuries of rich history hiding behind its fortified walls.

Bahia Palace (Marrakesh)

Speaking of amazing palaces that you can find in Marrakesh, it doesn’t get much better than Bahia. This opulent palace has been around since the late 19th century, and you can find 160 rooms and a large garden with countless courtyards on its grounds