3 Art Museums That You Should Check Out in Nice, France

Nice, France.
Nice, France. Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Nice is one of the most charming cities of the French Riviera, but there’s more to it than fancy hotels and sun-kissed beaches. This city is also heaven on Earth for art lovers since it’s home to several amazing art museums, and here are three that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Matisse Museum

Henri Matisse went down in history as one of the greatest artists of the early 20th century, and Nice happens to be home to one of the largest collections of his work. Located inside an 18th-century bishop’s palace, Matisse Museum was established by the artist himself and it has around 170 of his paintings on display.

Marc Chagall National Museum

Marc Chagall is another important artist who left his mark on the French art scene in the 20th century. There’s a museum dedicated to his work in the heart of Nice, which opened its doors during the artist’s life, allowing him to share his vision and display his body of work to his liking.

Modern and Contemporary Art Museum

Contemporary art is flourishing in Nice and you can explore it inside this museum. Located inside a towering modern building, MAMAC is home to over 200 exhibitions showcasing avant-garde French and international artists.