Best Museums to Check Out in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo by Gibson Hurst on Unsplash

Rich history and culture are two of the things that Philadelphia is best known for, so it would be a real shame to visit this city without checking out its museums. The largest city of Pennsylvania is home to quite a few amazing museums that you can explore, and these three are a good place to start.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the most popular tourist attractions in this city, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is home to over 240,000 works of art, covering everything from paintings and sculptures to photography and armor. Its dramatic staircase is one of Philadelphia’s main landmarks, so make sure to snap a pic during your visit.

Penn Museum

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is commonly known as Penn Museum. With over 1.3 million artifacts on its premises, it’s one of the world’s most comprehensive museums covering this subject matter. It’s located inside an impressive building with a dramatic rotunda and extensive gardens.

Please Touch Museum

Touching artifacts is strictly forbidden at most of the world’s top museums, but this one turned that rule on its head. Please Touch Museum is an interactive, hands-on museum that’s aimed at young children, making it perfect for family visits.