Money-Saving Tips for Overnight Layovers

Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

If you are making a long-distance trip across the globe, like it or not, an overnight layover might be in the cards for you. This certainly isn’t the most comfortable option for a trip, but there are some strategies that you can follow to at least save money while doing so.

Be sure to do these three things if you want to save during an overnight layover.

Stay in the Airport, If You Can

Staying in the airport that your connection takes place in might not be the most luxurious option, but at most international airports, you can sleep inside the terminal without being bothered by security people and without paying a dime.

Pack Plenty of Food

Instead of having to buy an expensive airport meal during your overnight stay, you should pack and be prepared for the hours you’ll spend waiting for your next flight. Bringing food and snacks is a great way to ensure that you won’t spend too much.

Hotel Necessary? Find One with an Airport Shuttle

If you decide not to spend the night at the airport or that sleeping in a nearby hotel is the best option, be sure to find a hotel with an airport shuttle. This will cut down on transportation costs to and from the airport.