Kuju Flower Park is One of Japan’s Most Whimsical Attractions

Japan is home to many attractions that seem straight out of fairy tale, including Kuju Flower Park. This whimsical place takes the term “flower power” to a whole new level because you’ll find yourself surrounded by a sea of blossoms on every turn.

Located in close proximity to Aso Kuju National Park, this tourist attraction houses about three million plants of more than 500 different varieties. They cover around 49 acres of land, while Kuju Mountain Range offers a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

No matter when you decide to visit it, you won’t be disappointed by Kuju Flower Park. Tulips and shibazakura bloom in the spring, you can enjoy the smell of sunflowers and lavenders in July and August, and return for cosmos festival in the fall.

A greenhouse that exhibits tropical plants is located within the park grounds, and many flower-themed festivals are organized throughout the year. You can also enjoy some local foods at a buffet restaurant, which serves dishes created with fresh produce grown at the park.