Ferries are a Brilliant Way to Travel Between Spain and the UK

Photo by Frederica Diamanta on Unsplash

Millions of travelers pass between the United Kingdom and Spain every year, as they are two countries which are inexorably linked by tourism. Most travelers take a short flight between the two countries, often opting to visit the big city of London or one of Spain’s many southern beach destinations.

However, what most travelers don’t realize is that there is another completely underrated option to travel between the two countries and discover a little-known but attractive region of each place.

Two UK cities on the country’s southern coast, Portsmouth and Plymouth, have routes to two Spanish cities on its northern coast, Santander and Bilbao. These routes each take about 20 hours to traverse the Bay of Biscay

Santander and Bilbao, located in the lush and beautiful region of “Green Spain” are two destinations with a lot to enjoy. Santander is a relaxed seaside city which features a world-class beach scene, a maritime museum, and the recently-inaugurated Centro Botin art center.

Bilbao is a top Spanish destination that has one of the world’s best gastronomic scenes, a World Heritage Site in the Vizcaya Bridge, and one of the most recognizable feats of architecture on Earth, the Guggenheim Museum.

Up in England, Portsmouth and Plymouth have plenty to offer too. Portsmouth is a port city with a long shipbuilding history which is only about 90 minutes away from London. Plymouth, located near the UK’s southwestern tip, is a great starting place to explore the Devon Coast, which features unforgettable sights such as the Cliffs of Dover.

So, why not opt for a more out-of-the-box itinerary and travel on a ferry to discover two underrated regions of Spain and the UK?