Is a Premium Economy Flight Worth the Price?

View from an airplane seat
Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

Do you wish that you could enjoy the perks of business class without paying exorbitant prices? Well, a premium economy seat can give you a taste of this life at a discount. Still, is the experience that you’ll receive in premium economy worth the price?

What is Premium Economy?

Premium economy seats are normally in front of economy seats on the plane and behind those in first or business class. While not as spacious as those in business class, premium economy seats give you more space between yourself and other passengers than regular economy seats while even letting you recline. Many of them also give you extra legroom.

What the Experts Say

Travel journalist Edward Russell explained that he finds premium economy seats to be beneficial on long-haul flights. “I often pay for premium economy on long-haul flights for the additional space; it’s significantly more than what you get in economy, even extra-legroom economy seats, and I value that.”

Premium Economy Offers More Than Extra Space

Premium economy on many airlines means more than simply getting extra legroom. Many airlines offer premium economy passengers special meal options as well as personalized service which is sure to be enjoyable if you’re in the mood for some special treatment.